Are you considering purchasing an old mobile home? Are you living in an old mobile home? If yes, then your opportunities for exterior mobile home improvement projects are endless. Your budget is the sole determinant of your mobile home improvements. Below are eight exterior home improvement ideas that you can use to improve your mobile home.

siding - mobile home porchesPorches

Porches are a great way to bring life into the outdoor space of your mobile home. Porch upgrades change the look of your mobile home by adding visual interest. The addition of living spaces creates room for your family to relax and play. At the same time, the property value increases. Porches are available in different designs, and you can select the one that suits your budget. Extended outdoor space is a plus for any family size.

Mobile Home Siding Renovation

Mobile home siding renovation is expensive initially. But it saves you money on energy bills in the long run. Siding reduces the heating of the interior space, and thus you save the cost of cooling the house. The life expectancy of your home is also increased. Mobile home siding renovation is a brilliant improvement for new manufactured homes and old ones. Sidings are very important in keeping off pests, dust, bacteria, and mold.

mobile home porch remodelMobile Home Steps Upgrade

Most old manufactured homes have wooden steps that break down with time. Upgrade your mobile home steps using fiberglass. Fiberglass has long-term durability as well as adds beauty to your door entrance. Wooden steps can pose a safety hazard to children and the elderly as they can break. Upgrading your steps will keep you off the hospital bills.

Mobile Home Front Door

Friends will love your new beautiful and energy-efficient front entrance. Upgrading the front door adds an immediate appeal to your property. Everyone will be impressed by the look of your exterior door. If you use wood as the material, ensure you protect the door from severe weather.

mobile home remodeling - custom skirtingMobile Home Custom Skirting

Custom skirting can freshen up your mobile home exterior. Avoid the use of standard vinyl skirting as it is ugly. Ensure you install skirting that is capable of withstanding water and wind. The skirting protects your home’s structural elements. The skirting will keep wild animals from making their home under your house. It retains heat during the winter and protects the pipes from freezing. These ideas are giving your mobile home a finished look.

Create Curb Appeal with Landscaping

You can use cinder blocks or bricks with varying colors and heights to construct your curb. These materials add a unique visual element. Landscaping around the curb adds to the curb appeal of your manufactured or mobile home. Landscaping can improve the look of your home at a meager cost. Creating a colorful array of plants is simple.

mobile home awnings - mobile home sidingInstall Mobile Home Awnings for Shade and Appeal

The installation of mobile home awnings on the south wing of the house keeps off the sun. This keeps your house cooler. Your house will also have extra protection from high winds. They also offer privacy if the awnings completely cover the windows. Awnings come in a variety of designs and materials. You can choose one that suits your budget. Awnings made of copper, aluminum, or metallic material are expensive. They need less maintenance compared to fabric or canvas awnings. Fabric awnings need regular replacement.

Add a Carport

A carport protects your autos against external elements. An oversized carport can be used as an outdoor space where you can host your guests on occasions. A mobile home with a carport has an added value once you decide to sell your home compared to those without. Car paint parked without a cover will fade. A carport can protect your vehicle from the harsh weather if you don’t have a garage.